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Lose weight

Do you want to lose weight and body fat?

Our program for losing weight

Weight loss is one of the most pursued goals by customers. Although the approach is different for each individual the objective of this program is to continually challenge the client by combining several methods that aim to maximize weight loss at the expense of fat mass.

The Prescription of the program is based on circuit training, cardiovascular training, muscular endurance training, and may also contemplate high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Your Personal Trainer will guide you throughout the program through constant evaluation, individualized and tailored prescription to your conditions.

This program includes a biweekly evaluation as well as monthly reports.1

1The body assessment is divided into two categories, the first is the evaluation of the body composition through the Bioimpedance method, which allows evaluating the various bodily “tissues” (lean mass, fat mass, bone mass, the percentage of liquids, etc. ). The second category evaluates body circumferences.

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